The Pyramid of Time Mastery is one of the key reasons that 27andahalf is the most effective place to improve your relationship with time. It is a logical way of structuring your development in all aspects of time management.

'Get your e-Ducks in a row' is based on the Organisation block in the pyramid, and addresses the specific challenge of integrating emails into the scheduling process.

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If only Wile E Coyote had realised that the answer to his struggles in catching the Road Runner was right in front of him the whole time...


The big rocks approach is a great reminder to focus on what are truly the most important things in your life, and making enough time for them.

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People are rubbish at estimating how long things will take. By adding VAT to your estimates you reduce the risk of overscheduling.

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This course consists of 10 short sections, designed to help you get better organised and integrate your emails into your scheduling process in the most effective way.